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Website Hosting and E-mail

Your Website Needs A Home, We Can Help!

Tampa Creations offers setup of your own hosting, allowing the flexible option of you controlling your own hosting independent of any development company, or we can host your website for you, taking care of the maintenance, setup and more for a low monthly fee. See our Website Pricing Sheet for more details.

Tampa Website Hosting Providers

Tampa Creations can also assist you with domain registering, whether you need us to manage your domain portfolio or assist you in learning how to register your own domains. In addition to helping you register your domains, we also consult on domain names for websites. This is especially important if you're considering optimizing your website to rank in Google and other search engines. Tampa Creations can help you get the most out of your site's domain name.

Your Professional E-Mail Address Name@YourDomain.com

Tampa Creations can assist you with setting-up the e-mail addresses your business needs to succeed. Professional looking e-mail addresses, such as info@yourdomain.com, can enhance your online presence and give your customers a further sense of trust and security.

Tampa E-Mail Providers

E-Mail Forwarding Name@Yahoo.com to Name@YourDomain.com

Typically, your professional e-mail is configured to work with Outlook or similar programs, but if you've become acclimated to using a particular address and e-mail program (Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.), we can setup your forward the incoming mail at your new e-mail address to your existing e-mail address.

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