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Search Engine Optimization

Climb to the first page of Google!

When a consumer is ready to make a purchase, a search on Google delivers a list of the top-ranking companies to make that sale. With being so close to the purchase decision, it's no wonder why a top spot in Google is so competitive, and sometimes, even crucial, for a business' survival.

With years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Tampa Creations can deliver targeted traffic to your website by placing your business in the top results of targeted keyword Google search queries. See our featured work below...

Campaign: NickJag.com
Targeted Keywords: MySpace Marketing
Google Position: 1 - 3
Competitor's Ad Cost: $1.83 - $2.45 / click

SEO Campaign 1
Campaign: OswickKashlakDMD.com
Targeted Keywords: Emergency Dentist Orlando
Google Position: Map, 3 - 4
Competitor's Ad Cost: $2.41 - $3.43 / click
Search Engine Optimization Campaign 2
Campaign: PeacockBassSouth.com
Targeted Keywords: Largemouth Bass Orlando
Google Position: 1
SEO Campaign 3
Campaign: OrlandoAbogado.com
Targeted Keywords: Orlando Abogado (lawyer)
Google Position: 1 - 2
Competitor's Ad Cost: $2.31 - $4.05 / click
Search Engine Optimization Campaign 4

With a top page ranking, quality traffic is delivered to your website without paying per click. Your website will also begin ranking for other keywords, in addition to your target keywords. Contact us today to receive your free keyword consultation.

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