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Facebook, MySpace, and Social Network Marketing

Attract Fans of Your Brand

Social Network Marketing is great for businesses who want seek out new ways to tap into existing markets. The three largest social networks, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube, allow businesses to network their brand with consumers on a personal level. These personal connections create strong bonds to your business and allow you to create cost-effective, viral marketing campaigns.

Social Networks

Tampa Creations specializes in the consultation and implementation of social network marketing strategies to help you find ways to establish that personal connection with your new and existing customers and to help spread the word through viral marketing campaigns and the integration of your website.

We Wrote the Book on Social Network Marketing! Facebook Marketing, MySpace Marketing Book

Tampa Creations has written, published, and sold thousands of copies of its own two books on MySpace and Facebook Marketing, both available on Amazon.com and through the website.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has millions of members, each with deep, personal connections to their friends, families, and interests. Through experience on both the user and business-side of the Facebook website, we understand how to create unique, buzz-generating strategies within Facebook for your brand. We have consulted for many companies and organizations including Hard Rock Inc., Senator Jeff Atwater, the University of South Florida, PriceDoc Inc., and many more!

MySpace Marketing

MySpace was the first widespread social network with millions of members. Its tolerance of media has made it a large website headquarters for many bands and entertainment-based companies. Now, it's commonplace for any business to "have a MySpace." With a MySpace Profile, businesses find awareness, traffic, and the ability to launch viral marketing campaigns. At Tampa Creations, we have years of experience with MySpace and know how to establish successful profiles and networks of friends. Some of our past clients include Panic! at the Disco, Gym Class Heroes, the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida, ShareNow Inc., and many others!

YouTube Marketing

Probably the most viral of them all, YouTube allows companies to create viral video channels as brand awareness campaigns. With the right video, Tampa Creations can help you get thousands of brand impressions, buzz generation, and visitors to your website. Tampa Creations has the experience and connections in the technical side of things (production, video editing, etc.), but more importantly, the strategy and writing, to accomplish your viral strategy and get visitors coming to your website.

Social Networks

There are many other social networking opportunities to consider for your brand, each one unique in its own way. Tampa Creations can put together a buzz-generating task force to personally spread the word via specific forums, interest groups, news releases, commentaries, guest blog postings, Digg, del.icio.us, Bebo, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Orkut, and so many more!

It takes experience understanding how to connect buzz to your end-goals, what creative strategies will create that buzz, and deciding what strategies work best on certain networks. With our years of experience, your business can attain its goals with a unique social network marketing campaign and get the most out of your website design.

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