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Wordpress Blog Integration

Fresh content is a major key to establishing a powerful internet presence

If you like to write (or if you can hire an intern to do it for you hehe), consider having a Wordpress Blog installed with your website. A Wordpress Blog allows you to update your website with fresh content, aiding visitor retention, search engine optimization and brand image.

Wordpress is a pre-packaged, open-source blogging platform that integrates nicely, right into your website. It can also be used as a stand alone package on which your website can be built upon. At its core, Wordpress is an easy to use content management system. What that means, is that it allows you, as the owner, to login to your website/blog and add new content on the fly!

Wordpress Blog Chart

Not only is your website content is updated in real-time but you can save drafts as well. In addition to creating blog posts and pages, Wordpress also allows you to upload media, such as pictures, audio and video directly to your website. Best of all, the user interface is clean and easy-to-understand. It's no wonder why millions of websites are already using the Wordpress content management system.

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